Friday, September 30, 2011

Tea parties, rainbows and me!

Proverbs 31:28 Her children arise up, and call her blessed.

This blog has been a long time coming. I have had so many emotions bottled up inside that I have had a difficult time expressing them. This one is easy...

My two girls who are four years apart, with birthdays that are two weeks apart, are 19 and 23. I didn't realize the significance of this until last week. Kaitlyn who turned 19 on the 18th of September is the same age as I was when I got married. Karianne who will be 23 on the 2nd of October is the age I was when I had her. It may not mean much to many but to me the Lord has shown me a glimpse of who I was at that age.

When Shannon and I first started this journey 27 years ago on the 20th of October, I thought I wanted a large family. I wanted six children. Now some may say Kim that is too many. I wanted to be a mother. At 21, I lost our first child. We tried and had come to the conclusion that we were not going to be able to have any. March 2, 1988 was an amazing day! I found out I was pregnant! I couldn't believe it. She was an easy pregnancy. I gained 55 pounds. We had a waterbed and I couldn't get out. Shan would push on the bed and pop me out of bed. I was fat and sassy. I was amazed at the life growing inside of me. Yes, I sang "I'm Having Your Baby" everyday! I am a connissuer of coffee. I hated coffee! That was one of the first clues. I thought I had a virus. I put the coffee up and traded it for ice cream and chinese food. I craved kimchee when I was sick. Life was great! I could have cared less...I was having a baby.

The big day came. Actually, it started the day before. I was in labor and didn't know it. I went all day. My sweet sister in law said "Kim you are in labor." Me, "Really you think so?" I told Shan on the way home from visiting I was in labor. You want to see a man get nervous, tell him you are in labor. Thirty six hours later came a 7 lb 9 oz baby girl.

Karianne was my test case. I made mistakes and tried to be perfect. Karianne made being a first time mom great! She was so easy. She slept thru the night at six weeks. She loved being my babydoll. That is what she still is. She loved getting dressed up and taking pictures. She still loves it.We played with all of her dolls. We made biscuits together. We had tea parties...I told her you can do anything you want. If you want to chase butterflies and rainbows, tell her the world is yours!

I was having so much fun, Karianne was three when I thought about another one. I was going to do this one right!! It took so long to have Karianne that I thought it would take that long for Kaitlyn. Nope, one month, it brings a chuckle to me now. I started singing that song "I'm Having Your Baby" again. I knew exactly when I was pregnant. I had to wait 4 weeks to confirm it! January 25, 1992, my intuition was confirmed about Kaitlyn. I thought, Karianne was a breeze, this one will too. I was so wrong. On March 11th, my 27th birthday, I started spotting. Bedrest immediately. I was 14 weeks. I stayed in bed until July. Everytime I got up, I would start spotting. There was a day the end of April, the doctor told me if I didn't lose her that weekend we would be ok. I remember crying and trying to stay calm. Karianne with her thumb in her mouth, in all her infinite wisdom, telling me it was ok. Jesus would take care of her baby brother. Yes, she wanted a brother. She got a sister! She was not thrilled. I had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. If anything could go wrong, it did . In August, I went into premature labor. I went back to bed. Karianne, was amazing. She kept me company. Learned to spell Karianne Hart. She couldn't master Elizabeth. Yes, I went from A-Z. Karianne is still my wise one. Kaitlyn was due September 15th. She was late!! September 18th at 10:30pm she made her grand entrance. She weighed 7 lbs and and was 21 1/2". Her labor lasted all of five hours.

Kaitlyn was my colic baby. What Karianne missed out on, Kaitlyn made up for it. I can remember taking shifts with Shannon. I gave up and quit working. Shannon and I still took shifts. Kaitlyn was my "wild child". She was given that sweet name by a dear friend. Karianne was quiet and Kaitlyn was wide open. Because of the issues with my last pregnancy, we decided no more children. Kaitlyn, my free spirit. She would literally chase that rainbow and butterflies. "Jesus made them, Momma." She would not miss that rainbow. I told her she could be whoever she wanted!  She and I had the tea parties. We baked cakes. She loved and loves to cook! She was attached at the hip.

I didn't have the six I wanted. I had the two the Lord knew I would love. He gave them to me. If you've not met them, they are absolutely special. They took my breath, the day I found out about both of them.

Of course this is dedicated to my sweet girls, Karianne and Kaitlyn, my DORKS at home! They have turned into beautiful young ladies. They are best friends. So, though I am far from that Bible verse of being called "Blessed." I am surely blessed by my two favorite girls in the world!  Karianne, I will have tea with you any day! Kaitlyn, I will chase that rainbow any day! Both of you can be whoever you want in the world. I love you, Momma

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