Saturday, January 29, 2011


God is so good all the time. As some of you know I have Lymphoma. I don't know the stage. As I had the bone marrow aspiration I brought my Bible for Shannon to read some verses out of it. When I felt the prick of the needle Shan started reading Jeremiah 29:11. He read it twice. The nurse said read it again. He read it again. He then read Psalm 91 and Romans 8:18-39. When he finished reading the procedure was done. 
I said I didn't feel a thing. I didn't feel anything. God is good. They showed me the bone they took out and the marrow
Shannon spoke to the husband of one of the nurses that was in there. She said that in 20 years she never heard someone read the Bible while this procedure was being done. She then said she never heard anyone say it didn't hurt. Why does this surprise me. Christians read the Bible. 
I believe it is because my husband bathed me in the Word, I didn't feel a thing. I believe in the Word. I believe in the Lord. I believe in forgiveness and redemption. 
I love all of you!

Those of you on Facebook have seen this but there are some who haven't seen it. This is a testimony to what God does when you believe and have faith. This was originally written Nov 25, 2010

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